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Symbols of HOPE Vertical Christmas Cards (8 pcs)


The Northern Lights was illustrated by Natalie Green from Cheyenne Middle School for the 2019 Symbols of Hope Art Contest.

“I chose to paint the northern lights because to me they are a symbol of hope. This symbolizes hope because it shows that even in the darkest moments of your life something amazing can happen. The northern lights appear on the darkest nights and their beauty shines through the darkest times. I decided to add snow to my painting because it is a symbol of the cold isolated feeling you might get when something terrible happens to you. The cabin is the home of the only person that lives in that area, this is a symbol of how alone you might feel. Though everything bad that is happening, the northern lights still light up the night to show that no matter what you are going through or feeling, there will be something amazing that happens that will change your life.”

The purpose of Symbols of Hope is to promote a culture of peace, inclusion, and hope through creative projects that inspire people to think, discuss solutions, and take positive action. Thank you to Cresap Family Foundation for their generous funding that makes the Symbols of Hope contest possible.

  • Bright white, matte finish
  • 8 pieces per order
  • Use as portrait or landscape card
  • Envelopes included
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