Animal Advocacy Program

The Oklahoma Humane Society and Palomar have partnered to create The Animal Advocacy Program to help you and your family if you are fleeing domestic violence and have pets. An Animal Advocate is onsite at Palomar to help take immediate care of your pet(s) while we help take care of you and your family. Animal care can include pet pantry assistance, coordinating veterinary care, or placing your animal in a temporary foster home until you can be reunited with your pet(s).

Escaping Domestic Violence with Pets in OKC

Concern about their four-legged family members often keeps victims in abusive and dangerous situations. With over 36,000 domestic violence 911 calls annually in Oklahoma City alone, that’s a lot of pets in potentially dangerous situations.

To better protect survivors of all species in our community, we have created the Animal Advocacy Program at Palomar. In addition to a full-time staff member dedicated to the needs of our animal family members, we are working to build a network of foster parents who can provide a safe home to our furry, feathered, and reptilian friends. These angels will allow our human survivors to focus on their needs and finding a safe home until they can bring their entire family back together away from their abuser.

Join Our Foster Network

If you are interested in providing a safe home for an animal escaping domestic violence in our community, please complete the foster orientation below.

Foster Orientation

The commitment for fostering with The Animal Advocacy Program is 2 months, but can sometimes be longer.  If you have additional questions, please email [email protected].

Donate to the Program

Click here to give monetarily to the Animal Advocacy Program. We are also always in need of the following:

  • Cat litter
  • Wire crates
  • Blankets
  • Dog toys
  • Cat toys
  • Dog treats
  • Cat treats
  • Large dog harnesses
  • Bowls
"Without the help of the Animal Advocacy Program, my abuser could and would have hurt my animal. They helped me and my pet move on to better things."
"I don't think I personally would have left my situation. If the program hadn't been there to make sure my animals were safe, I might still be hiding everything that was happening."
"I had no option but to leave a horrible situation. I hadn't left before because my fur babies were counting on me, but for the safety of my child and myself, I had to leave without them. It was the only time I broke down and cried while ending my 23 year marriage."