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Internships at Palomar

Palomar and its community partners desire to provide a variety of learning experiences for students through internships. If you are interested in an internship, please contact our Operations Manager, who will refer you to the appropriate community partner for your learning needs. The requirements of internships through Palomar may vary according to each community partner.


Supervision of interns is a partnership between the administrative staff and the Palomar community-based partners. Community partners all specialize in culturally sensitive support service for survivors of violence. Palomar has social work intern positions through community partners, as well as through the staff.

Tasks may include:

  • Serving in the role of a Guest Care Volunteer
  • Completing referral forms
  • Creating and maintaining a client file
  • Providing liaison support with on-site staff
  • Escorting clients to Palomar appointments
  • Assisting and conducting an intake appointment
  • General office support

Requirements: Standard FJC Volunteer application, interview, background screening, and orientation.

Time Commitment: Time Commitment for an intern is preferably 6 months and is based on the requirements of their school or intern agency.


Work Study Openings

We do not have any work study openings at this time.