Palomar – Where Families Come First and Professionals Come Together


Palomar provides protection, hope and healing.


We envision an Oklahoma City that is free from violence, where safety and security is felt.  Palomar integrates innovative services among collaborative providers to:

  • Work together to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, child abuse and elder abuse;
  • Provide long-term support for victims and their children to heal from trauma;
  • Hold offenders accountable;
  • Act as a catalyst to create a community and culture that is free from violence; and
  • Empower survivors to thrive.

Guiding Principles

To provide victim-centered services that promote victim autonomy and empowerment

To increase safety, promote healing, and foster empowerment through services for victims and their children

Commitment to the utilization of culturally relevant service approaches with respect for diversity and promotion of inclusion

Survivor Driven
Shape services to the need of clients

Survivors have the right to choose their life’s direction

Embrace change
Evaluate and adjust services by including survivors input and evidence-based best practices

Maintain close working relationships among all collaborators/agencies (law enforcement, prosecution, community-based violence programs, shelters and other social services)

Integrate primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches into all initiatives, programs and projects

Develop a Family Justice Center community that values, affirms, recognizes and supports staff, partners, volunteers and clients

Offer survivors, and their children, a place to belong even after the crisis intervention services are no longer necessary

Offender Accountability
Increase offender accountability through evidence-based prosecution strategies

Acknowledge the profound impact of trauma, which shapes all aspects of services

Utilize a multifaceted treatment approach that meets the needs of the whole person

Acknowledging the complexities of trauma and healing, we know that we can develop creative solutions and accomplish more for survivors when we work together as a united team.