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What People Are Saying

“Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit @palomarokc. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit, please do! Educate yourself on the amazing work this organization is doing to help victims and survivors of domestic violence. It is a one-stop shop to receive services of all kinds to help our friends and neighbors when in crisis or when they just need a little extra help. They have thought of every little detail to ensure people are honored and valued while they are being cared for.

One thing we all must realize and know is that domestic violence knows no bounds. It does not only affect one demographic or socioeconomic group or individual. Domestic violence is rampant throughout our entire city, county, and state.

Victims and survivors surround you and I everyday. They are children, women, and men. They are your siblings, neighbors, and colleagues. They are leaders in the community, business people, and teachers. They are your best friend, the new friend you just met, and the stranger you have yet to meet. They stand tall in our community, but sometimes they shrink, too. They have smiles on their faces, they are articulate, and they have vision for their life and others. They are surrounded by friends, but they are also lonely. They have good days and they have bad days. They are strong and brave, but sometimes weak and scared. They are confident and courageous, no doubt, but sometimes they are timid and meek. They are you and I.

I wish Palomar existed when I was growing up. It would have been a safe place for my family to go to when we were facing some really difficult times. A place to be reminded that you are worthy and not alone. Palomar is a gift to our community and they are doing great work to break the cycle of domestic violence now and forever.

I am so grateful I grew up in a community surrounded by good people. I took this picture because I saw myself as that little girl. Those words in black have played in my head since I was a child. That’s what domestic violence does to you. It impacts you for the rest of your life.”

– Representative Cyndi Munson via Instagram (10/13/17)


“If you are avictim of sexual or domestic abuse, and live in the OKC area, there are ways to get help. I just read The NY Times piece and I’m no fool. I know this happens in all demographics and socioeconomic groups. If you need help and are in a position to be able to talk, I am more than willing to help you find resources. If you need immediate help and need to leave immediately Palomar: Oklahoma City’s Family Justice Center can help. JUST GET HELP. Because it’s real and not just a Hollywood story.”

– Jennifer Jarrard Oliver via Facebook re: Harvey Weinstein (10/9/17)


“I am extremely grateful and impressed with the professional, caring help at a very confusing and fearful time in my life. Every person I came in contact with could not have been more helpful, knowledgeable and sincere at one of the most difficult and vulnerable times of my life. Laura and Lisa were my hero’s.

I hope to help people just like they helped me some day.”

– Jana B, Google Reviews


“What used to take 7 weeks now takes 7 minutes.”

– Sara Wray, Advocate


“Palomar has been extremely integral in assisting me in building a better life for myself and my family. The staff truly cares about your individual situation and how you progress. I don’t know that I would have been able to change my situation without their compassion, support and services.”

– Lisa M, Facebook Review


“It’s just a pleasure to come here, to Palomar – What a safe place to come and feel like home, where the people here are MOST understanding and loving. So peaceful, relaxing, and the music playing is VERY awesome. So relaxing. You all keep up the GOOD WORK. Love you all!”

– Bonnie D, Client Feedback Form


“Vital services for women in crisis. Can’t recommend enough.”

– Deedra H, Google Review


“I am so grateful that people like these [exist]… everyone I came in contact [with] had a smile and a great personality. Thank you all so much for what [you] do.”

– Betin T, Facebook Review


“Everyone here is so caring. They literally saved me.”

– Sara N, Facebook Review


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