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May 18th | July 20th |  November 16th

Open to the public to come and go.

  • Learn about the services available at Palomar
  • Meet staff and partners
  • Learn how to get involved
  • Learn about Camp Hope
People talk at Palomar's Open House

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  • Provides an inviting space for clients first entering the building
  • Clients check in at the front desk
  • Offers a comfortable waiting area
  • Newly-renovated playroom for children of all ages
  • Children are cared for by specially-trained Children’s Navigators
  • Newly-renovated lounge space for polyvictimization clients
  • The polyvictimization program focuses on healing long-term trauma
  • One of many rooms where clients receive one-on-one support from our navigators and case managers
  • Our services include safety planning, emotional support, and case management

Request a Private Tour

Please note, for the comfort and confidentiality of our clients, we limit private tours during business hours. We would love for you to attend an open house, but if you absolutely cannot make it, or have some other reason for needing a private tour, we will do our best to accommodate.

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