VOICES Interest Form

The goal of VOICES is to advocate publicly and on a large-scale, for victims of domestic violence. This work may include speaking engagements, public awareness campaigns, legislative activities, and more. VOICES members are committed to supporting one another, as well as other victims of abuse, and their local Family Justice Center, but the VOICES committee is, first and foremost, an action-oriented and goal-driven organization – it is not intended to be a support group.

To become a member, you must be a survivor of domestic violence who has been free from the abusive relationship for a minimum of one year.

We want to get to know you, your story, and your history.  We believe that the more we know about one another, the better we are able to distribute our expertise and experience to benefit you, our other members, and our community at large.

    ** Please note: Our Voting Committee Membership is full at this time. All applicants will be considered for subcommittee membership. As spots become available on the voting committee, active subcommittee members will be given consideration for voting membership.
  • Are there certain areas of the domestic violence experience that you would like to use your Voice to expose/improve?