Survivors to Software: A Coding Bootcamp

Programming with Purpose

We know that it can be hard to leave an abusive partner when you’re not making a living wage. We know abusers often prevent their victims from working, or working at their potential. We know it can be hard to stay away when you’re barely scraping by. We get that.

We want to change that.

We’re developing a coding bootcamp just for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking to empower you, through technology and training, to build a better life for yourself. It can provide financial freedom, so you won’t have to be dependent on someone else.

We know it can be scary to start something new, but we believe in you. We know you have a lot to offer. And we know that with the right training, you can and will do amazing things in our community and in the world.

If you’re good at problem-solving (you probably are), like puzzles, like challenges, and want to be a maker, creator, and builder of cool stuff — let us know. We’re looking for survivors just like you.

Want to know more about what software developers do? Click here for more information!

If you think you’d be a good fit for this program — let us know! we’ll be in touch soon!

We’re still working out the details like program prerequisites (things you need to know before you start), when the program will begin, and how many people we can accept in our first group — but we want to make sure we’re reaching out to everyone who might be interested in participating when we’re ready to launch. Please complete the application below so we can keep in touch and provide you with more details as they become available. **Note: completing this form does not guarantee program acceptance.