Strangulation Institute

Strangulation has been identified as one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence and sexual assault: unconsciousness may occur within seconds and death within minutes. When domestic violence perpetrators choke (strangle) their victims, not only is this felonious assault, but it may be an attempted homicide. Strangulation is an ultimate form of power and control where the batterer can demonstrate control over the victim’s next breath; it may have devastating psychological effects or a potentially fatal outcome.

Monday, August 14 -OR- Tuesday, August 15
7:45am – Check-in
8:00 – 5:00 – Training

Devon Boathouse
616 SE 6th Street, Oklahoma City

For more information contact: Lisa Cherian at 405-552-1014

Dr. William Smock and Gael Strack, the leading International experts in the identification, investigation, and documentation of strangulation in intimate partner violence cases, will cover the following:

  • Findings from a study of 300 misdemeanor strangulation cases
  • Understanding the lethality of strangulation
  • Identifying the signs and symptoms of strangulation cases
  • Anatomy and medical aspects in surviving and non-surviving victims
  • Investigating and documenting a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Strangulation case
    for prosecution
  • Legal aspects of strangulation cases with surviving victims
  • Tools and resources for first responders and advocates
  • Resources and handouts developed by the Institute
  • Use of experts in court

“For many years, we didn’t realize what strangulation was. We would see it over and over in police reports. We would hear victims say over and over ‘choking, choking, choking’ ‘he grabbed me’ ‘he choked me’. It didn’t mean anything to us, and we certainly didn’t understand how lethal it was. But, as we started to deal with it, put the medical experts on the stand and started hearing the actual accounting of what was going on, and then had research to back it up…and now we realize if you’re at strangulation, you’re at death. You’re right on the edge of murder.

-Gael Strack, CEO & Casey Gwinn, President
Alliance for HOPE International & the Strangulation Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention

  • Judges
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Prosecutors
  • Paramedics, EMTs
  • Advocates
  • Civil Legal Attorneys
  • Medical Providers
  • Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs

This training session has been approved for CLEET & Licensed Emergency Professionals. Pending: CLE, CDSVRP, SW, LPC, EMT and medical. Documents necessary to receive credit will be provided after completion of the training.