Public Radio Tulsa: Getting to Know Palomar, the Recently Opened Family Justice Center in Oklahoma City

By Rich Fisher
Published: July 10, 2017



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On this installment of ST Medical Monday, we speak by phone with Kim Garrett, the executive director and founder of Palomar, the nonprofit Oklahoma City Family Justice Center, which opened its doors earlier this year and has already aided thousands of people. Drawing on the resources of hundreds of professionals and volunteers, Palomar helps OKC-area victims of violence — that is, individuals from all walsk of life and their children — by offering protection, hope, and healing in a single location; some 14 different organizations are all based on-site at Palomar. The organization, as noted on its website, works to ensure “an Oklahoma City that is free from violence, where safety and security are felt. Palomar integrates innovative services among collaborative providers to: work together to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, child abuse, and elder abuse; provide long-term support for victims and their children to heal from trauma; hold offenders accountable; act as a catalyst to create a community and culture that are free from violence; and empower survivors to thrive.”