Quarterly Report: April 2019

Each quarter, Palomar makes de-identified client data available for the public. Below is data for January-March of 2019. During those 3 months, Palomar received a total of 2,546 client and child visits. We served 959 unique adult clients and 225 children. That’s an average of 40 clients and children in our office every workday.

We collect some basic demographic information about the clients and children that we serve. You can see that information on the graphs provided below. Our client demographics accurately reflect our city’s population, proving that violence doesn’t discriminate — we are all affected. Our largest client population is women, between the ages of 25-59, and our second largest age group is children under twelve. If you’d like to learn more about how domestic violence and other trauma impacts children in our community, check out our page on Camp HOPE.