KOKH: Outdoor kennels to be built for pets of domestic violence survivors

By Melissa Scavelli
Published: January 15, 2021

Dog (Tulsa Animal Welfare)

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The Oklahoma Humane Society will be building their first on-site, emergency animal housing for pets of domestic violence survivors thanks to a $30,000 donation.

The kennels will allow clients a safe place for their pets while a temporary foster home is found.

Pets will be housed at an undisclosed location for safety. The kennel will be able to hold 24 pets and will be temperature-controlled and secured for at-risk pets.

Since the Animal Advocacy Program was started in 2018, 112 pets have been helped.

“This new emergency pet housing will make all the difference to the clients that we serve” says Elizabeth Stepp, Director of the Animal Advocacy Program. “Each minute our clients are free of their abuser is a minute to heal, a minute towards building a brighter future. The ability to provide immediate housing means that clients will never have to worry about saving themselves, or leaving an animal in a dangerous environment. They can leave their abuser knowing their cherished pets will be safe and well cared for.”

“The correlation between human abuse and animal abuse is significant. This generous grant provides an opportunity to bring agencies closer together and provide holistic care for both survivors and their beloved animals. This innovative partnership is the first of it’s kind in Family Justice Center’s across the nation and we’re so proud to be leading the way with the Oklahoma Humane Society and RedRover!” says Kim Garrett, CEO & founder of Palomar Family Justice Center.