KOCO: Woman speaks out a year after ex-boyfriend shot her 8 times in Oklahoma City hospital parking garage

By: Meghan Mosley

Published: October 26, 2023

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On March 11, 2022, Tara Currin’s life was changed forever after her ex-boyfriend ambushed her after work, shooting her eight times.

This week, a federal judge sentenced Robert Lee Harrison Jr. to life in prison for the crime, but Curin said her story is far from over.

Last year’s attack happened at the hands of someone she once loved. But Currin said anyone in a relationship where there is domestic violence isn’t alone.

“I look at myself like I am. I’ve gone from victim to victor,” Currin said.

Currin was ambushed by her ex-boyfriend in the parking garage of her job at an Oklahoma City hospital.

“I noticed a car that looked somewhat out of place. As I got closer to my car, I noticed a gentleman get out of the car that I didn’t recognize, and I saw him. I saw the look of anger,” Currin said.

Currin recounted one of her darkest days, when she was shot eight times and left to die.

“The attack was very fast. Punched me, pulled out a gun, forced me to get over into the car,” Currin said. “We struggled in the car. I go out, went into the elevator lobby, and as he forced his way in, I grabbed at the gun.”

As she attempted to fight back, that is when she felt it.

“I felt the heat from the first bullet and then the second. I had no idea I had been shot eight times until I was leaving the hospital,” Currin said.

She has gone through several surgeries throughout the last year, and she is taking it one day at a time. Currin now wants to be a voice for victims of domestic violence, hoping she too can save a life.

“It’s a battle. It’s long. You have to be prepared for it physically and mentally. That is just the violence part of it, then the testimony. Then, that takes a lot to get up there and speak your truth. There are going to be days you doubt what that truth is,” Currin said.

She also described her road to recovery.

“Relieved I don’t have to testify again. I hope that this gives him a chance to get better, because that’s what I want,” Currin said. “Hopefully, my story will help someone else and give voice to those women who suffer in silence and don’t have a voice.”