KOCO 5: People make emotional pleas for possible projects to fund as part of MAPS 4

KFOR: Maps 4 Projects announced, city council to vote on plans

By Emily Akins
Published: August 23, 2019


OKLAHOMA CITY – In December, Oklahoma City voters head to the polls to give a yes or no vote to the MAPS 4 plan.

The cost of this latest MAPS measure is projected to total $978 million dollars.

In all, 16 projects that were presented and highlighted over the summer were chosen to be included.

“No one reading this today should be too shocked right I mean it’s the projects that we heard about and fortunately we had the resources to bring them all in,” said Mayor David Holt.

Some of the highest dollar amounts will go toward transforming parks and building new youth centers, both of those allocated over 100 million dollars.

“I do like that the priority and the bulk of the dollars go toward neighborhood and human needs and I think that’s what we heard from the people of Oklahoma City,” said Mayor Holt.

A majority of the total $978 million, going toward human services projects.

Mental health and addiction services receiving most of what they asked for with $40 million, out of $42 million.

“40 million dollars is a lot of money. We have two proposed crisis centers, a restoration center which is a lot more focused on addiction treatment, and then temporary housing,” said Oklahoma County Commissioner Carrie Blumert.

One of the more controversial projects, the multipurpose stadium, receiving $37 million.

“Ultimately we’re doing a 37 million dollar stadium so if you don’t like it over 96 percent of MAPS 4 is not a stadium,” said Mayor Holt.

The mayor is confident going into the council vote on Tuesday.

“You know MAPS is a compromise and if you don’t like something, as long as what you prioritized has been addressed, I think you have to move forward and support it,” he said.

When registered Oklahoma City voters go to the polls for the special election they will not choose individual projects, but rather it is a straight yes or no vote on the entire plan.

For a complete list of MAPS 4 proposals, click here.