KOCO 5: People make emotional pleas for possible projects to fund as part of MAPS 4

KFOR: Love Your OKC: City leaders announce MAPS 4 campaign

By Jacklyn Chappell
Published: September 10, 2019


OKLAHOMA CITY – Mayor David Holt announced the formation of the “Love Your OKC Coalition” on Tuesday afternoon that will campaign in support of the MAPS 4 project- which will hit the ballot on December 10.

“I don’t mind at all there being a tax on it. It makes more beauty in our city,” said Brandi Sanders, who lives in Oklahoma City.

Love Your OKC is the motto behind the campaign.

“Times change and it’s important that we change with it and we continue to evolve and that we make sure that MAPS meets the needs in the times of which we live,” Holt said during Tuesday’s announcement.

The project will be the most expensive MAPS to date– with a bill projected at $978 million.

“Economic growth just means that the same number of years of a tax raise more than it ever did before. It is the largest of any previous maps but it’s also about the same number of years as MAPS 3,” Holt said.

The first maps brought revitalization to downtown with projects like the Chesapeake Arena and the Bricktown canal. MAPS 4 goes further- meeting 4 identified areas, such as neighborhood needs, human needs quality of life and jobs.

“I thought the shelter for animals was a really cool idea,” said Rachel Word, who lives in OKC

In all 16 projects are featured on the MAPS 4 list, including a new animal shelter, senior wellness centers, mental health and addiction, sidewalks, Chesapeake Arena upgrades, and even a multipurpose stadium.

“It’s more than just a soccer facility. It can be hosting the state playoff games. Jimmy Buffet concerts happen down in Frisco in Dallas. They have spring football game sup in Kansas City. They have Division 2 playoff games. It’s pretty exciting what can take place,” Tim McLaughlin said, OKC Energy co-owner.

The initiative is set to hit the ballots on December 10th during a special election.

“I think a lot of people see the merits of the package and how it meets so many broad needs across the city,” Holt said.

If passed, the 1-cent sales tax would be implemented on April 1, 2020.