Frequently Asked Questions: Forensic Exams

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Do you provide forensic exams?

If you have injuries from either a sexual assault or a domestic violence incident, we can provide a SANE or DVNE exam at Palomar.

Why do I need a forensic exam?

These exams provide medical care, advocacy and forensic documentation of the event which can be helpful if you ultimately decide to report to law enforcement or seek other legal relief, such as a VPO.

What is a SANE exam?

A SANE exam is offered free of charge through our partner, YWCA OKC, and at local participating hospitals 24/7 for victims of sexual assault. The information gathered during the exam can be used to help investigate the crime.

What's a DVNE exam?

A DVNE exam is for those who have experienced domestic violence. You do not need to make a police report in order to have this exam. A DVNE exam is completed by an RN whose job is to listen to you and offer medical care, advice, and referrals.

How do I prepare for an exam?

To allow for the best collection of evidence in these forensic exams, avoid eating, drinking, showering, going to the restroom, and changing clothes beforehand.

How long do the exams take?

The SANE exam usually takes one to three hours to complete. A DVNE exam usually takes around one to two hours.