FOX 25: OKC police say two women were murdered after separate domestic violence situations

By Sara Smith
Published: March 27, 2023

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Oklahoma City, Okla. (KOKH) — Oklahoma is now the second worst state in the country when it comes to women killed by men, according to local domestic abuse counselors.

This comes as Oklahoma City police say two women were murdered in separate domestic homicide situations over the weekend.

Palomar’s CEO Hillary Burkholder says domestic homicide is prevalent in Oklahoma.

“We have a big rate of that here in Oklahoma,” Burkholder said. “Abusers that have access to fire arms are five times as likely to kill their partner.” 

OKC police say they investigated two domestic homicides last weekend.

Reports say Maria Aguilar was killed by her ex boyfriend, Dario Acebedo.

Officers say Amanda Miller was murdered by her boyfriend, Jake Harris.

Miller’s family says her body laid inside Harris’s home for six days before he was arrested Saturday.

“She was always telling us she loved us and how proud of us she was,” Danielle Mayfield said. “She told us how beautiful we are. That’s something we will never hear again, you know?”

Family says the hope Harris gets a heavy sentence.

“I want him to go to prison for life,” Mayfield said. “We all do. We want worse than that but if it’s all we can get, we will take it. He is a monster. She is going to be really missed. We have a lot of hate in our hearts. I know that is not okay but we are trying to cope with it the best we can.”

Burkholder says if you are a domestic abuse survivor, reach out to Palomar at www.palomarokc.org.

“When they come in, we can prioritize what their needs are,” Burkholder said. “Our staff can get them to those resources. A survivor should not have to be the expert on domestic violence. That is what we are here to do.”

She says to watch for warning signs because things can escalate.

“Strangulation is a especially dangerous,” Burkholder said. “Not only can it kill you in just a few minutes, but often it is the people who have been strangled that are killed by firearms later on.”

Miller’s family has started a Go Fund Me to help with funeral expenses.

If you want to donate to their cause: www.gofundme.com/f/g9u3r-my-mom-amanda-miller-was-murdered-by-her-bf.