Making Sense of Your Worth

HALO Project and Palomar are partnering to bring survivors of domestic violence an amazing recovery program. Domestic violence produces the slow stripping away of the survivor’s self-worth and confusion as to how it all happened. Not only is healing desired by the survivor but there is also a deep desire to bring healing to their children.

This two-phase program will provide the survivor with the answers they seek about what happened as well as the step-by-step process to healing and gaining positive self-worth. It will also provide new parenting strategies aimed at helping children heal and develop their own positive self-worth.

Phase one is all about bringing positive self-worth to you.
Phase two is all about bringing healing and positive self-worth to your children.
You may attend Phase one without committing to Phase two.

In class you will learn:
• how to connect with your child in a deep and meaningful way
• how to empower your child to be successful each day
• how to correct behavior while establishing positive self-worth in the child

While you are learning in class, your child will be participating in “HALO Kids Club” which is designed to teach them a variety of skills including self-regulation, using words to express emotions to get needs met, how to redo behavior in the most appropriate ways, how to connect to others, and healthy relationship skills.

Lunch will be provided.
There is currently no cost to attend this program. Services are covered by the generosity of individuals and foundations who care about the overall well-being of individuals surviving domestic violence. Thank you to our many supporters!

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