Camp HOPE America is the first evidence-based camping and mentoring program for children exposed to trauma in the United States. Our goal is to give children and teens their childhood back and help them find a Pathway to HOPE. Our vision is to break the generational cycle of family violence by offering healing and hope to children and adults who have witnessed and been impacted by family violence.


ACE scores are determined through a ten-question form that touches on various types of abuse that a child may have experienced prior to turning 18.

Curious About ACE Scores? Check yours and read more here.

Camp HOPE participants have experienced some difficult traumas, including:

Camp kids are at a critical crossroads in their lives: soon their small bodies will grow and they could potentially use them to hurt others. Statistically, 78% of kids from violent homes will grow up and hurt their partner(s) and/or children. If they don’t have a positive intervention and learn alternatives to violence, their futures could be very dark and destructive. Thankfully, Camp HOPE helps kids change how this story ends and breaks the cycle of generational violence. With healthy role modeling, learning the power of choices and ongoing family support, these children’s futures are undoubtedly brighter than their past.

What We Do

At Camp HOPE, we have the opportunity to use fun-filled avenues to bring HOPE into the lives of our campers. At camp we discuss important life lessons such as: forgiveness, our future is brighter than our past and that we all need each other. Daily kids learn about heroes who had overcome difficult times and chosen to do good things with their lives, despite their hardship. Children are challenged with trust exercises, team building, rock climbing, yoga and empowered with character trait awards.

By utilizing meaningful activities, we create an environment where kids feel safe, seen, encouraged, and loved.


History of Camp HOPE OKC

The Oklahoma City Family Justice Center was proud to partner with Camp HOPE America to launch its inaugural camp for kids in 2016.


  • 2018
    • June 17-23, 2018
    • 65 children, ages 8-16
    • 24 counselors
    • Camp Takatoka


    • June 4-10, 2017
    • 45 children, ages 8-16
    • 15 counselors
    • Camp Takatoka
  • 2016
    • July 24-30, 2016
    • 29 children, ages 7-11
    • 13 counselors
    • Camp Classen


As one 11 year old camper said, “This is the first time I’ve ever felt safe.”

Contact Kellen Mack for more information:
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(405) 552 – 1006

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Camp HOPE is open to children receiving services through Palomar and Partner Agencies. If you have or know a child who qualifies, please contact us.